Make Your Wedding Stand Out With Koko Art

March 26, 2022

Make Your Wedding Stand Out With Koko Art

Now that the worst part of the pandemic is behind us and lockdown restrictions have been lifted throughout the UK, people everywhere are venturing out of the house and carrying on with the plans they had to postpone for the past year. Businesses and venues are re-opening and that means events, including those with large gatherings of friends and family such as weddings, are being booked by excited couples.

Over The Top Weddings

    Many people had to postpone their weddings during the pandemic and, even as venues began to reopen, people waited until restrictions were lifted and they were sure that they could book their wedding dates without fear of having to cancel again. With that in mind, today’s couples are doing everything they can to make their wedding day stand out and be the most memorable event of the season. From lavish decorations and glitzy venues, to luxurious menu offerings, exciting DJ’s, and more, this year’s weddings are going to be over the top for sure.

Dare To Be Different

    But with everyone doing the same thing, how can you make your wedding stand out? After all, every other couple if taking advantage of the latest wedding style trends and this can make your trendy affair pale in comparison. You have to do something different, something that other couples haven’t even thought of. You need a truly customised approach that cannot possibly be duplicated.

Stand Out With Koko Art

    Fortunately, you have Koko Art. Koko Art has been long applauded for their beautifully innovative, exceptionally stylish, and incredibly creative custom sneaker designs. Their experienced design team can take a plain-looking pair of Chuck Taylors and turn them into a work of art.

    Imagine the looks on your guests’ faces when you walk down the aisle wearing custom designed, hand painted wedding shoes. You can even include your bride’s maids, groomsmen, and parents in the stylish trend. You will have memorable wedding shoes that will not only make you stand out and add a new level to your wedding photos but become cherished works of art that you will keep for many years to come.

    Designing your custom wedding shoes from Koko Art is easy. Just contact us today and speak with one of our designers who will help make your wedding shoes stand out.

Contact Koko Art

    To learn more about this exciting trend, contact Koko Art today and shop a wide selection of custom painted and bespoke clothing and accessories.

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