The Growing Popularity Of Custom-Painted Shoes, Clothes, And Accessories

May 26, 2021

The Growing Popularity Of Custom-Painted Shoes, Clothes, And Accessories

This year, custom-painted fashion items are becoming a fast growing trend. People want their shoes, clothes, bags, and accessors to be just as unique as they are. Custom-paintings are adding exclusivity and uniqueness that make today’s shoes and other accessories much more coveted. Another benefit of this trend is that exclusive customisation can make your fashion items look even more timeless.     

Custom-Painted Shoes 

     People love custom-painted shoes because they can have various unique designs and styles they won’t see anywhere else. Customers can make custom requests or use their own personal designs. When looking for custom-painted shoes, you should go basic by choosing name brand white shoes. It’s easy to add colours onto white sneakers and for many people, they look more appealing. Stylishly painted white sneakers pair well with blue denim and they could look both astonishing and simple at the same time. If you prefer black shoes, you can still add a splash of bright colours. Black shoes offer a more sophisticated look and they can spice up any wardrobe. For casually formal events, you can wear custom-painted black shoes while rocking denim trousers with a modern top.  

Custom-Painted Clothes 

     To keep your appearance in tone with the season, you can choose clothes with suitable colours and fabrics. As an example, you can custom-painted blue, orange, red, pink, or white clothes. You can wear them with any matching outfit. This year, hand-painted clothes are becoming more common, although they are not yet the norm. We expect that they will become increasingly more widespread throughout the year. Often, simplicity can tell so much about your personality and style. Make sure to choose quality paint that can withstand repeated washes. 

Custom-Painted Accessories 

     During lockdown, custom-painted accessories are gaining traction. You may ask a skilled artist to customise hats, scarves, and luxury bags. Right now, people are clearing out their closets and they can reuse many of the accessories they didn’t get to wear last year by adding custom painted designs. Social media is democratising the way people choose their fashion styles. You could contribute to the trend by showcasing your custom-painted accessories on Instagram and Pinterest. You shouldn’t hesitate when choosing imaginative, bold designs, but it’s preferable to keep them simple. 

Contact Koko Art 

     To learn more about this exciting trend, contact Koko Art today and shop a wide selection of custom painted and bespoke clothing and accessories. 

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